Electronic Publishing Solutions


Animate your magazines, books, catalogs, newsletters, reports, or any other publication. Deliver your digital copy to us and we will create your flip book.

We can upload them to your website, or host them on our servers.

Want your flip book for your mobile site? We can create a mobile version.

We can also hyperlink e-mail addresses and websites embedded in your publication.


Very few businesses can exist on the Internet alone. Business cards, fliers, handouts, and presentations are still very much a part of a busy business person's to-do list.

Innovative offers full publishing services. Our excellence in this field comes from over thirty years of experience. When you choose Innovative, you supply the copy. Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Create a design,
  • Edit or proofread the copy,
  • Typeset the copy,
  • Add line art, and/or
  • Add photographs.
Innovative will deliver:
  • Digital media, or
  • PDF for Web or printing.